Thermal Plastic Spacer


Introducing Ecoclear Technology’s new TPS thermo pane unit. 

This is a 20 year warrantied, eco friendly IGU!  

The Thermal Plastic spacer (TPS) unit is a thermally optimized, organic based, metal free Thermo pane window. 

The main benefit is its impact on heat transfer which reduces the stress on thermo pane windows brought on by Hot and Cold  temperatures. 

It has low moisture content and a drastically reduced speed of water absorption, increasing its life span. It is an environmentally friendly product where no hazardous components are used to fabricate it. This product carries a warranty of 20 years, which is the BEST in the market.


Comparing your standard thermo pane glass unit to the Thermal Plastic spacer thermo pane unit.



Standard conventional thermo pane 

A conventional Thermo pane unit is made up of:

  • A metal warm edge spacer
  • Desiccants for water absorption
  • And a primary seal


The sealant between the glass and spacer tears over time when the window expands and compresses due to exposure to hot and  cold temperatures.




After the seal of the window is breached, the desiccants move into action to manage moisture build up. Once they have reached their full absorption capacity, the moisture finds itself on the surface of the glass, affecting your beautiful view.




Thermal Plastic Spacer
insulated glass unit

The TPS Thermo pane unit replaces the warm edge spacer systems, desiccant and primary seal with a consistent Thermal Plastic Spacer bar.


It has NO load between the sealant and spacer which keeps it from tearing over time through the same temperature exposure as the conventional spare bar.



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